Managed Accounts

Our dedicated team at eCoins Holdings optimizes investment returns by utilizing technology, algorithms, and other cutting-edge strategies.

We offer Managed Accounts, engaging in the necessary market research before trading the funds invested by our clients. Our expertise is available to both institutional and individual investors.  

We specialize in the ability to identify extremely profitable opportunities for investment in Blockchain technologies and digital currency. The profits made in these fast-growing sectors have consistently outshone investments in other asset classes such as real estate, bonds, stocks and mutual funds.

Financial Goals

Blockchain and Bitcoin are revolutionary technologies, creating major changes in the world of finance. They are gaining the attention of governments, Wall Street and large investors in the institutional and private sectors. The fundamental changes they are bringing about, have not been seen before within our lifetimes and are not likely to occur again.

These changes are creating exciting opportunities that haven’t been available before. More profits are being seen than those typically experienced when investing in the more traditional types of investments. They are outperforming mutual funds, stocks and other assets that grow more slowly.

Our team at eCoins Holdings takes away the stress of investment with Managed Accounts. We assist you with the investment of your funds in our digital currency aggregated funds and help you to achieve your financial goals with the least amount of effort on your part.

Investment and Trading Strategies

The algorithms and stock trading tools being used by our team have been created and refined over many years. Many of the biggest hedge funds are using tools and strategies like these to achieve significant profits. Now you have the opportunity to benefit too and achieve great returns on your investments in cryptocurrencies. 

We have a record of being able to maintain profits in both bear and bull markets. We understand how to leverage investments in short or long positions.  Our confidence in our team’s strategies for investment is so high that our own personal investments are managed by the same people with the same strategies as yours!